Afghanistan placed as 7th most corrupt country

KABUL (SW) – Afghanistan has been placed as the seventh most corrupt country in the world among 180 countries by the Transparency International in a latest Corruption Perception Index.

Denmark, Finland and New Zealand have been considered the cleanest countries in the world with 88 points while South Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen, North Korea and Afghanistan have been named the most corrupt countries in the world.

International affairs analyst, Tariq Farhadi, told Salam Watandar that the lack of law in Afghanistan has caused the country to be included in the list of corrupt countries.

“Why was Afghanistan included in the group of corrupt countries in the world this year, because there is no law in Afghanistan”, he said, adding that this also affects investment in the country.

A number of other analysts also say that corruption has not been countered in Afghanistan even after the rule of the Islamic Emirate.

They say that if the Islamic Emirate wants to eliminate corruption, it should establish a specific foundation for fighting corruption and share its annual reports with the people transparently.

Political analyst Jabbar Akbari said: “The Islamic Emirate ruled Afghanistan and a year of the Islamic Emirate has passed, but we have witnessed that no one and no group can eradicate corruption from Afghanistan. You even saw that some time ago a spokesman of the Islamic Emirate said that we are seeing corruption in the current government”.

Meanwhile, Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Bilal Karimi, called the Transparency International Organization’s report on Afghanistan baseless. He told Salam Watandar, corruption has been stopped with the rule of the Islamic Emirate and transparency has come in all areas.

He insisted that if there are documents and evidences about corruption in government institutions, action will be taken.