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Islamic Emirate has suppressed Daesh in Afghanistan, Abdul Kabir says

KABUL (SW) – In a meeting with ambassadors, diplomats, and representatives from several countries, Mohammad Abdul Kabir, the Acting Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs of the de-facto government, stated that the Islamic Emirate has suppressed the ISIS group in Afghanistan, and no one must lobby for the empowerment of this group.

Analysts see necessities compelling countries to engage with Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – The Russian news agency TASS, citing its sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has reported that the ministries of justice, foreign affairs, and some related institutions are examining the issue of removing the name of the Islamic Emirate from the “terrorism” list of this country.

US to send new weapons package worth $300 M for Ukraine

MONITORING (SW) – The United States will send a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million, President Joe Biden’s administration said on Tuesday, the first such move in months as additional funds for Kyiv remain blocked by Republican leaders in Congress.