Afghanistan’s leading and only dedicated social communicator with experience in delivering diverse radio, TV, print and social media products to engage audiences across Afghanistan;

1 5 years of experience in media development, multi-media production, broadcast and placement; A network with 100+ media partners (over 85 radios, 15 TVs and 3 newspapers) covering 34 provinces and reaching 20+ million people; 17 women-owned and managed partner stations in provinces; A vibrant website in 4 languages, Dari Pashto, Uzbeki and English ( & ;

Daily, balanced, and accurate coverage of national news with stories from across Afghanistan through 24 provincial stringers;

Weekly programming on women, youth, children, human rights, governance and transparency, politics, civil society, agriculture, education, legal, health, culture, religion, sport, business, technology and entertainment;

Production of quality multimedia content (audio, video, animation, graphic design, etc) for media campaigns, and in turn broadcast/disseminate them throwgh relevant media partners;

Trained hundreds of media employees and reporters on broadcast journalism, studio operations, tech nical skills, production of thematic programs on agriculture, elections, anti-corruption, investigative journalism, communications for development from 2012 to 201 6 through support of Internews Network; Implemented high-impact research and strategic communication campaigns for GROA and interna tional partners at national level including International Day for Rural Women in 2015 and 201 6, and Women Issues’ Messaging in 201 5;

Conducted survey of 1 1 ,300 farmers and rural families on media and media consumption in 15 prov inces over 14 weeks period in 2015 funded through Free Press Unlimited based in Netherlands;

Trained over 200 parliamentary elections women candidates on how to use media to reach to target audience in their communities effectively in partnership with The Asia Foundation;

Founded in 2003 as an independent, non-political, non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan.

Started out as production house operating under Salam Watandar banner to create high quality, original and relevant media content for local partner radios across Afghanistan.

In 2014, reinvented itself under a new name, Salam Afghanistan Media Organization (SAMO) with the aim to serve as one of the leading, media outlets offering a wide range of multimedia services, solutions and products under one roof.