Kabul Zoo Welcomed 500,000 Visitors this year

KABUL (SW) – Officials of Kabul Zoo say that 500,000 visitors have visited this zoo in 2023 and its income has reached 15 million Afghanis this year.

Concerned about the extinction of animals, birds and reptiles, Azizgul Saqib, the director of Kabul Zoo, says: “149 types of animals, birds and reptiles such as Marco Polo Argali, snow and Asian leopards and cheetahs are on the verge of extinction” in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, officials at the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) say that by declaring protected areas, they prevent the threat of animal extinction in Afghanistan.

Hamed Safi, the head of natural heritage preservation of the National Environmental Protection Agency, says: “149 species have been declared protectable and have been identified by committee. there are 149 species including animals, water and land birds, such as wild cats, fish, and some protected areas have been declared. Although endangered animals are not directly protected, but indirectly through development programs and declaration of protected areas, we can prevent their extinction.”

According to officials at the National Environmental Protection Agency, they are working on a strategic document for environmental protection until 2030.