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Nangarhar University hosts an international climate change meeting

NANGARHAR (SW) – Nangarhar University is set to host an international meeting on Climate Change this week. The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE), in collaboration with the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), is organizing the event at Nangarhar University during the ongoing week.

Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan agreed upon establishing joint chamber of commerce

KABUL (SW) – Nooruddin Azizi, Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan, emphasized the expansion and strengthening of trade relations with Kyrgyzstan during a meeting with Daniyar Aman Guldif, Minister of Economy and Trade of Kyrgyzstan. Azizi also requested Kyrgyzstan to reduce the transit fare for Afghan commercial goods, aiming to decrease the expenses incurred when transferring goods to China through Kyrgyzstan.