ACCI underlines quality and standard as supreme for exports

KABUL (SW) – Officials at the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) say that Afghanistan’s export goods are of high quality and ready to meet the standards of other countries in the export sector.

Jan Aqa Nawid, the spokesperson of the ACCI, says that if the export standards of the countries are well known, the Afghan manufacturing companies have the ability to produce their goods according to those standards.

He adds: “Country standards are different. Whenever an assessment is made as to which standard these countries want and they present their standards in relation to our exports, our companies are ready to prepare their products according to the same standards.”

Earlier, Kyrgyz media reported that the sale of Afghanistan-produced pomegranate carbonated drinks has been banned in this country due to the presence of substances harmful to children’s health.

The health committee of Uzbekistan has also announced that following the complaints from the citizens of this country about the low quality of pomegranate drink made in Afghanistan, it will check the quality of these drinks.

The Afghanistan Industrialists Union, however, says that Afghanistan’s export goods are produced with high quality and there is no problem with its quality. Ehsanullah Ehsas, the spokesperson of the union, says: “We can confidently say that Afghan products are of good quality. The Afghan industrialists’ union and the authorities have a special focus on the quality of Afghan products.”

A number of economic experts say that the concerns raised about the low quality of Afghanistan’s export goods can negatively affect the amount of Afghanistan’s exports.

Zaher Behzad, an expert on economic issues, says: “Kyrgyzstan has banned the products of Afghanistan, including carbonated soft drinks, which can have a negative impact on Afghanistan’s exports, especially the export of carbonated soft drinks.”

Afghanistan has made good achievements in the production of carbonated soft drinks in recent years, and some of these drinks such as the Shafa Pomegranate carbonated drink,  have been exported to the United States too.