Nationwide polio vaccination campaign begins


KABUL (SW) – The nationwide campaign to implement the polio vaccine has started in 33 provinces of the country.

The Polio Department of the Ministry of Public Health announced the beginning of this four-day campaign iva a newsletter and said that 11 million children are supposed to receive vaccinations in this round of the campaign.

Nik Wali Shah Momin, the head of the polio department of the Ministry of Public Health, said: “From September 25 to 28, 11 million children are supposed to be vaccinated. In this campaign, children who are less than five years old will be vaccinated, and a 6-month-old baby will be given vitamin A.”

Officials of the polio department of the Ministry of Public Health add that the anti-polio vaccination campaign will start in Uruzgan after about two weeks.

A number of families in Kabul say that the future and health of their children will be guaranteed by applying the anti-polio vaccine, and they ask other families to take this vaccine seriously.

Masouda, who brought her two children aged three and four to receive anti-polio vaccine, said: “Vaccine is a type of prevention against any kind of disease, especially this anti-paralysis vaccine. All families should vaccinate their children, which is not a trivial matter. They help both their children and other children.”

A number of vaccinators in Kabul say that there is still a need to inform families more because some families are not ready to vaccinate their children.

Sharife Rezaei, a vaccinator, said: “There are so many of them that they don’t want their children to be vaccinated. They make excuses that our children make us witty and rude and say that it is forbidden.”

It should be mentioned that in the current year, five cases of polio have been registered in Afghanistan.