Delegation from Austria meets Mutaqqi

KABUL (SW) – A delegation from Austria has met interim foreign minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi in Kabul, said an official statement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by publishing a newsletter about the meeting of Amir Khan Mutaqqi, the foreign minister, with a number of members of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria in Kabul, noted that the visiting delegation said they are sorry that the international community did not recognize the sovereignty of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

In this newsletter, which was published on Monday on the Twitter handle of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is stated that the members of the Freedom Party of Austria, in their meeting with Amir Khan Mutaqqi, praised the work of the Islamic Emirate in terms of providing security.

In this meeting, the situation of Afghan immigrans in Austria and solving the consular problems between Afghanistan and Austria were also discussed.

Zia Ahmad Takal, Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “In this meeting, the members of the Freedom Party of Austria said that they are committed to convey the real situation of Afghanistan to Europe and share it with their officials and people, as well as with the European Union member states.”

Previously, a number of British Islamic scholars had also described the current situation of Afghanistan in a good way after traveling to Afghanistan and meeting with the officials of the Islamic Emirate.

This is despite the fact that the international community, especially the Western countries, have repeatedly criticized and expressed their dissatisfaction with the Islamic Emirate in the past two years due to the restrictions on human rights they have imposed on citizens.