Anemia on the rise among women in Takhar

KABUL (SW) – A number of health officials in some clinics in Takhar say that in the past year, anemia has increased among women, especially pregnant women in this province.

They add that anemia, in some cases, even caused the birth of dead babies or the death of a number of mothers.

Zia Gul, a doctor at the “Afghan Turk” clinic in Taluqan, the center of Takhar, says: “When a mother does not have perfect health, her child also suffers from anemia and lack of healthy nutrition, malnutrition, cleft lip, palate, deformity, all of these are caused by malnutrition.”

At the same time, a number of women in Takhar say that they are suffering from anemia due to lack of proper and healthy nutrition.

Amina, a resident of Takhar, says that she is weak due to anemia and cannot even breastfeed her four-month-old baby.

Another woman, Shakiba says that anemia caused her to become weak and suffer from dysentery. Shakiba adds: “I can’t sleep at night because of pain. Every doctor I go to, says that you have a breast-fed child, you got married at a young age and gave birth to a child, that’s why you have calcium deficiency.”

However, specialist doctors in Takhar say that women are more likely to suffer from anemia, and mothers during breastfeeding and pregnancy and young girls should normally use blood-enhancing drugs. According to doctors, unhealthy nutrition, neglecting to prevent anemia and insufficient rest are among the factors that increase anemia.

They add that the caretaker government should have regular and sustainable programs in the field of anemia awareness and distribution of blood strengthening drugs.

Zamanuddin Siddiqui, a specialist in internal medicine, says: “In Afghanistan, we are facing poverty, lack of food, minerals, and vitamins. Fluxide and iron should be used for the care of anemia from the first to the end of pregnancy, and children should be well-nourished and a lot of blood-forming minerals should be used.”

We wanted to have the opinion of the head of public health ministry in this report but we did not succeed with repeated attempts.

It should be mentioned that before, blood strengthening pills were distributed to female students in schools and educational centers but in the last two years, after the closing of the educational centers, no alternative way has been created for it.