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Herat earthquake survivors demand IE, aid agencies for urgent reconstruction efforts

HERAT CITY (SW) – A number of earthquake victims in Herat province complain about the negligence of the de-facto government and aid agencies in the reconstruction of houses and provision the educational and medical facilities. They say that more than five months have passed since the deadly earthquake in Herat, but they are still living under tents and are deprived of other life facilities.

International organizations warn of prolonged drought crisis in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – Meanwhile, Five international organizations, including Action Against Hunger, the World Health Organization, the Islamic Relief Organization, Save the Children, and Vision, have issued a joint statement, warning about the ongoing drought in Afghanistan. They emphasized that more than half of the country’s population is being adversely affected by the prolonged drought.

Kabul residents embrace long-awaited snowfall with joy

KABUL (SW) – In a delayed yet welcomed turn of weather events, the capital city of Kabul and various provinces in the country have finally witnessed snowfall this year. Despite the tardiness, residents of Kabul express their contentment with the snowfall.