Jawzjan authorities blamed ‘devils’ for igniting fires

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – Jawzjan authorities have blamed ‘devils’ for igniting fires in the Bala Mardian village of Faizabad district in Jawzjan province.

According to the residents of the village, 300 families have been forced to flee their homes and go to Shaberghan city, the capital of this province and Balkh province, to save their lives.

Although people have been trying to contain the fire since the beginning of the fire two days back, but these efforts have not led anywhere, and with each passing hour, more houses are covered in fire, smoke and ashes.

The local and security officials of Jawzjan say that the intensity of the fire spread is such that it is not possible to control it with just water.

Shoaib Resalat, the governor of Jawzjan, has said that the claim of the local people that the ‘devils’ were involved in the village fire. “Investigations show that the houses are burning one after the other by themselves.”

In addition to asking for help from relief organizations, Mr. Resalat invited people to pray and repent in order to get rid of this ‘calamity’.

Sirajuddin Ahmadi, the security commander of Jawzjan, who has been to the scene of the incident twice, says that according to the statistics they have, 100 houses in the village have been completely or partially burned by fire.

The continuation of the fire in the village of Balamardian and the lack of planning of the local administration to control it, has caused dozens of families to be displaced from this village and those who are left are also facing the fear of burning their hands.

Jawzjan’s security commander adds: “Two days ago, when we came, almost 50 houses were on fire. Two days have passed since our arrival, and according to the information, the number of houses that have been burned by fire reaches 100.”

Although in the first days of the fire, some believed that the presence of natural gas wells in the village caused this village to burn. But after the investigations of the technical board, it was found that there is no gas well at the place of the incident.