Floods inflict heavy losses in Daikundi


DAIKUNDI (SW) – Ragging floods have inflicted heavy losses in Daikundi province, said officials. 

Local sources and media in Daikundi say that since the last two days, floods have occuhit the provincial center, Shahristan, Miramore and Khadir districts of this province, during which a girl died and caused many financial losses to the people. .

According to Ghulam Ali Javed, the spokesman of the provincial police chief, an 11-year-old girl was swept away by the flood in “Siahgulak Largar” area of ​​Shahristan District yesterday afternoon.

According to the spokesperson, the residents of this village have pulled out the body of the 11-year-old girl from the mud today.

At the same time, sources in Miramore, Khadir, and the Nilli City told Salam Watandar that for the past two days it has been raining in these areas, causing floods and destroying many houses, animals, agricultural lands, trees as well as canals and roads.

Hussain, a resident of “Pashtrooq” village of Khadeer district, said that since yesterday, the ongoing rains and the resulting floods have caused financial losses to the residents of other villages in several districts, who need urgent assistance.

On the other hand, local sources in Vars district of Bamyan add that due to rains and floods, the residents of some villages of this district have suffered heavy financial losses.

The flood-affected families in Bamiyan and Daikandi say that they have not been helped by the local officials and aid organizations.