Covid-19 health center closed down in Faryab

MAIMANA (SW) – The dedicated health facility for the Covid-19 patients has been shut down, confirmed officials. 

Faryab health officials say the province’s 40-bed Covid-19 hospital has been closed due to non-payment of salaries.

Confirming the news, Zaman Azami, the head of the Covid-19 hospital, told Salam Watandar that the hospital staff had not received their salaries for nine months. According to Mr. Azami, the gate of this hospital was officially closed today, Monday.

The head of Covid-19 hospital added that in the past, the salaries of the doctors on duty at the hospital were paid by non-governmental organizations, but for the past six months, no institution has been willing to pay for the hospital.

Earlier, officials at Covid-19 hospitals in various provinces complained of financial problems and lack of facilities, and staff at some of these hospitals went on strike several times.