Taliban overrun main prison in Sheberghan

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – The Taliban have captured the main prison in Sheberghan, capital of Jawzjan province, and have freed up to 1,000 inmates, sources said on Saturday.

According to the source, fierce clashes were underway at the NDS facility in the city as raging violence forced hundreds of families to flee.

On the other hand, the Taliban also staged attacks from several directions at Faiz Abad in Badakhshan and Kunduz city in Kunduz province.

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A security source told Salam Watandar that in these clashes, at least 35 Taliban were killed and 20 others were injured, including many commanders of this group.

Ahmad Bashir Samim, Badakhshan governor, said that the Taliban attacks were repulsed and the security forces were in action to further push back the insurgents.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense has said that in the last 24 hours, 385 Taliban were killed and 210 others were wounded.