Exclusive: Inspiring youth create jobs for themselves, others with meager resources

KABUL (SW) – Following the collapse of the republic and the subsequent rise in unemployment in Afghanistan, many young individuals have turned to small-scale economic activities to escape this dire situation. By creating job opportunities, they have been able to generate income for themselves.

In this report, Salam Watandar interviewed with 10 young boys and girls in Kabul city who, over the past three years, have managed to create jobs for themselves in various fields.

To escape unemployment, Shabnam, an 18-year-old Kabul resident has turned to painting and calligraphy. “I work in painting, calligraphy, and beadwork. I started beadwork a year ago and receive orders through exhibitions for beadwork and paintings, earning an income this way,” she said.

Similarly, Tamana Rahimi, another Kabul resident, began working in tailoring and weaving with an initial investment of 5,000 Afghanis. She said, “I work in various fields like carpet weaving and engraving. I also do weaving and tailoring, which I started three years ago. After the changes, I couldn’t continue my studies and job, so I decided to start this work to earn an income.”

Basir, who was an airport employee during the republic regime, mentioned that after losing his job, he invested $90 in digital currency and solar services, which enabled him to create a job for himself. “I started working in digital currency two months ago, using various platforms and training programs. I started my work with $90 and have earned $1,100 so far,” he explained.

These young people have managed to meet their own and their families’ needs by creating job opportunities for themselves.

Sayed Dawood, who ventured into the jewelry business after the regime’s collapse, expressed his satisfaction with his work and plans to expand. “There are no other jobs available, so I turned to this work and tried to earn an income. I never imagined my business would grow so quickly in such a short time. I am very satisfied because my business has grown rapidly,” he said.

Abdul Hadi Bahmani, who started working in computer-assisted embroidery last month, shared his positive experience: “I do on a production scale. I used to do different jobs before, but I found this work to be more profitable in the current conditions. The goal was to have my own business.”

Economic experts emphasize the crucial role of youth entrepreneurship in reducing unemployment, noting that job creation by young people can significantly boost family and national economies. Shaker Yaqubi, an economic expert, said, “The impacts of entrepreneurship are multifaceted. It creates job opportunities and reduces unemployment. Additionally, entrepreneurship can positively influence innovation and technology.”

Abdul Basir Rashtia, another economic expert, highlighted the importance of government’s support for young entrepreneurs. “Government support can motivate young people to invest in various sectors and create employment opportunities. If entrepreneurs are supported, given access to production factors, and provided with financial resources, it can significantly enhance entrepreneurship and encourage more youth to invest,” he stated.

The lack of job opportunities, especially for young people, has been a persistent social issue, leading to increased dependency on humanitarian aid and unwanted migrations.