Spring brings boom to saplings trade

GHAZNI CITY (SW) – Some saplings sellers in Ghazni report an increased interest in tree planting among residents of the province with the arrival of spring leading to a thriving market.

Firuz, a saplings seller, stated that due to rainfall during winter and recent days, the sales of saplings has increased compared to last year.

“The past two years were dry seasons that caused unsold saplings to age without being sold. Now, despite bringing as many saplings as possible from Yahyakhel and other regions, it is still not enough,” he said.

Furthermore, Firuz added that residents of Ghazni and neighboring provinces have shown a greater interest in creating gardens and planting saplings this year. “This year, you’ll see everyone bringing 200 or 300 saplings to plant around their homes, along roadsides, and near schools. In previous years, we used to bring one truckload of pine plants, but this year we have brought four truckloads, and not a single sapling is left.”

On the other hand, some Ghazni residents express optimism about having a fruitful year amidst the rainfall during winter and recent days.

Dawood, a resident of Ghazni, said, “I have come here to buy trees. I want to buy some grape and almond trees.”

Ruzi Khan, the head of an agricultural company, mentioned that farmers and gardeners in Ghazni showed less interest in planting saplings in previous years due to drought, however, their interest has increased in the ongoing year.”

He added, “These days, with more snow and rain, there is a lot of hope among farmers. Due to the recent rainfall, farmers are requesting more saplings.”

Officials at the Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock of Ghazni also urge the residents of the province to purchase and plant saplings for greening the city and maintaining a healthy environment.

Mohammad Edris Hanif, the head of the Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock in Ghazni, emphasized the importance of collective efforts for the prosperity of the country, saying, “We must work hand in hand for the greenery of our country. This homeland will not prosper unless we take matters into our own hands. Our desire is for people to plant saplings, and we are collaborating in this sector.”

Agricultural experts suggest that the de-facto government and other organizations must organize educational programs and provide plant medicines to encourage farmers and gardeners to plant saplings.

The Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock of Ghazni, along with the municipal authorities, launched a sapling campaign a few days ago, planting over 1.5 million fruit and non-fruit saplings in the Ghazni city, and its surrounding districts.