Applicants wait for months for processing of identity documents

KABUL (SW) – A number of applicant seeking to obtain the identity documents at the Saray Shamali office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs say they have to wait for weeks for the processing of documents.

A number of people visiting the birth certificate distribution center in Kabul city, said that they have to wait for weeks and sometimes months for the processing of their electronic identity certificates due to the slowness of the work process here.

They add that prolonging the processing of their applications in this center has cost them thousands of afghanis.

Faiz Mohammad and Saif Ali, two such applicants who came to Kabul from Kunduz and Kandahar respectively to access identity card services, say that although 10 days have passed since their applications were submitted, but their problem has not been addressed yet.

Faiz Mohammad adds: “It has been 10 days since I came. My work is not finished yet. My 10,000 Afghanis have also been consumed. I am an old white-bearded and it is too much. Our previous ID cards were destroyed in the bombardments. We have come to invalidate it.”

Saif Ali, also says: “They prolong our work. They should increase the number of employees. They sent us from our own province to this place. Our money is being spent unjustly.”

Anar Gul and Mahdiya, two more applicants who refer to this center, also complained about overcrowding and carelessness in doing things in this center.

Anar Gul says: “I have been here for a month from Nangarhar. My daughter has mentioned her age a bit higher in her identity certificate. All month of Ramadan passed here and finally they fixed it incorrectly. Thousands of Afghanis have been wasted.”

Mahdiya also said: “There are too many applicants. There should be more employees. There is too much crowd.”

A number of people who refer to this certificate distribution center in Kabul city, want to see similar service centers in their provinces.

The National Bureau of Statistics and Information authorities also confirm the lack of staff in the centers for the distribution and correction of electronic identity certificates. They says that this department has submitted its suggestions to raise the scope of the organization.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics and Information, in the year 1402 (2023), 3.124 million electronic birth identity cards were distributed through 76 distribution centers throughout Afghanistan.