Maternal, infant mortality rate in decrease in Uruzgan – officials

URUZGAN (SW) – The health officials of Uruzgan province say that after the establishment of a number of medical centers in the remote areas of this province in cooperation with the aid agencies, the maternal and infant mortality rate has decreased in this province.

According to officials, in order to reduce the death rate of the mothers and their babies to zero in Uruzgan, the efforts are continuing.

Head of Uruzgan’s Public Health Department, Mohammadullah Rohani told Salam Watandar: “We do not have any clinic where there is no doctor or nurse or medical services are not provided in the maternity department for mothers. There are the clinics and human resources in all areas, in that reason, the death rate of mothers and babies has decreased compared to the past.”

The residents of some remote areas of Uruzgan, at the same time, while accepting the decrease in maternal and infant mortality rates in this province, say that the remoteness of medical centers, broken roads, and people’s economic incapacity have caused a number of mothers to die along with their babies during childbirth.

They want the health officials to increase the provision of health services in this province.

Mohammad Rasul, a resident of Chenarto district, says: “There are some remote areas which their roads are broken and the government should send vehicles to those areas and pay attention.”

Noor Mohammad, a resident of Gizab Uruzgan district, also says: “Our wish that the clinics be built wherever there is no access, experienced doctors be sent, and provide them with treatment facilities and build roads. This is what the people want from the Islamic Emirate.”

According to the statistics of Uruzgan’s Public Health Department, in addition to 25 clinics, 56 other medical centers have been providing health services to the people in distant districts of this province.