Kabul residents embrace long-awaited snowfall with joy

KABUL (SW) – In a delayed yet welcomed turn of weather events, the capital city of Kabul and various provinces in the country have finally witnessed snowfall this year. Despite the tardiness, residents of Kabul express their contentment with the snowfall.

A number of Kabul residents expressing joy over the ongoing winter rains and snowfall, shared with Salam Watandar that they are pleased with the commencement of winter snowfall. They believe that these rains will address water shortage issues in the area.

Ahmad Ershad, a Kabul resident who came outdoors to welcome the snowfall on the hill of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, celebrates the day by reciting poetry.

He mentions that farmers in various provinces had been anticipating the snowfall since the beginning of winter, hoping for a bountiful harvest in the coming year and avoiding the losses associated with drought.

Similarly, today many other residents of Kabul city, with the happiness caused by the snowfall, played in the snow together in the recreation centers and hills of the city and took pictures of their happy moments of this day.

Elham Ahmadi, a resident of Kabul, expresses hope that the recent snowfall will lead to an increase in the level of underground water, thereby alleviating the issue of water shortage to some extent.

In addition, Ibrahim, who is actively peddling on one of the roads in Kabul on this cold and snowy day, anticipates a prosperous year ahead with today’s snowfall. However, Ibrahim also voices his concerns about the downside of the snowfall, which is the cold weather and the challenges of heating his house.

It’s worth noting that the absence of snow and rain in many provinces from the beginning of winter until now had heightened concerns about drought among the people.