International Climate Change meeting commenced at Nangarhar University

NANGARHAR (SW) – The Climate Change international meeting has commenced at Nangarhar University on Saturday, attended by high-ranking officials of the IE, representatives from external organizations, and environmental researchers from both within and outside the country.

Over the course of the three-day event, the gathering has provided an opportunity for officials of the de-facto government to reiterate some of their political perspectives and approaches.

In his address at the Climate Change international meeting, Mohammad Abdul Kabir, Acting Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs of the de-facto government, reiterated the stance that the Islamic Emirate prohibits any political activity opposing its government.

Kabir emphasized that the caretaker government has established diplomatic relations with a majority of nations, highlighting that these countries have not only verbally acknowledged the issue of recognizing this government.

During the meeting, officials of the Islamic Emirate appealed to the international community for collaboration with Afghanistan, citing the severe repercussions of climate changes witnessed in the country over recent years.

Neda Mohammad Nadim, Acting Minister of Higher Education, stressed the importance of global cooperation in mitigating the risks of climate change, emphasizing the need to prioritize this issue irrespective of political considerations.

On the other hand, Attaullah Omari, Acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, considers the use of various weapons in Afghanistan as one of the causes of climate changes in the country and warns about the outcome of ongoing droughts in the country.

Afghanistan has suffered huge economic and social losses in the past few years due to the consequences of climate change.