Disho residents hit hard by crippling droughts, lack of development

LASHKARGAH (SW) – Cripling droughts and lack of development has made life difficult for the residents of Disho district in southern Helmand province. 

Disho is one of the remote districts of Helmand, which is 304 km away from the city of Lashkargah, the capital of this province, and most of its residents are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. But consecutive droughts have faced problems in agriculture, animal husbandry and other daily activities of the residents of Disho district.

A number of residents of Disho district told Salam Watandar that they have been deprived of the basic facilities of life for many years. According to them, they have been deprived of essential health services, education, drinking water and other basic facilities for years.

Abdul Qadir, a resident of Disho district, says: “There are many problems here, there is no water, there is no place for recreation. This district has not been paid attention to since it was created. Every government that came to power did nothing for this district.

Haji Baridad, another resident of Disho district, says: “We have a school, but it is in bad shape. The work of the mosque has begun, but we don’t have the facilities to repair it. Our road is broken.”

Residents of Disho district want the caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate to implement telecommunication networks and other development projects in this district.

Gholam Rasool, a resident of Disho district, says: “We have a basic telecommunication network in the whole district, in some areas there is no telecommunication service. If another telecommunication tower is installed, people will be saved from the problems of telecommunication networks. A bridge should be built over the Helmand Sea.”

Mohammad Hashim, another resident of Disho district, also says: “There should be more health centers here. If medicine and specialist doctors are available, people don’t have to take their patients to Lashkargah city or neighboring countries.”

However, the local authorities of Helmand, during an official visit to Disho district, assured the residents that their problems will be solved soon.

Abdul Rahman Kundzai, the governor of Helmand, says that development projects will be implemented in all districts in a balanced manner, but priority is given to the districts that have not been paid attention to in the last twenty years.

The governor of Helmand adds: “We are aware of your problems that you do not have drinking water, health centers and other facilities. Our goal in this trip is to solve your problems.”

Residents of Disho district complain about not having access to the basic facilities of life, while the residents of several other districts of Helmand are facing the same issues.