Torkham gate closure unjustifiable, says foreign ministry

KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated the closing of the Torkham gate by Pakistan and firing on the Afghan security forces was “acts against good neighborliness”.

An official communique has stated that the government of Pakistan closed the gate of Torkham Pakistani forces fired on the Afghan border forces when they were busy repairing a security post that was built years ago.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has added that closing the Torkham border crossing will affect the trade of the two countries and the region, and the general traders of both sides may face commercial and financial losses. It is noted in the announcement: “Before this, a lorry loaded with figs of Afghan traders, which was on its way to India from Wagah port, was set on fire near a police station in Baluchistan state, which caused great concern and mistrust. »

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also said that the government of Pakistan has recently stopped hundreds of containers of Afghan “property and equipment” in the Port of Karachi under the pretext of the ‘Sensitive List’. In the announcement of this ministry, it is emphasized: “Unfortunately, contrary to all previous commitments, the ruling custom and commitments under international laws, the Pakistani side often creates problems in the port of Karachi and closes the gates with unjustifiable excuses at the same time as the agricultural products and fruits of Afghanistan arrive. which not only harms the trade of Afghanistan and Pakistan, but that increases the distance between the people and the brotherly countries and makes the trade and transit of the whole region face obstacles and delays.”

This ministry has stated that in addition to the dead bodies, many passengers, including women, pilgrims and children, are stuck on both sides of the Torkham gate, which cannot be justified in any way.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also emphasized that the Islamic Emirate, while emphasizing the commitment to solving problems through diplomatic dialogue and understanding, considering its economy-oriented foreign policy, which is the facilitation of trade and transit in the region, points out to Pakistan tthat Such-and-such measures, along with the trade of Afghanistan and the region, also harm the national economy of Pakistan, which is now more dependent on exports.

In the end, the ministry said that it is necessary for the two sides to find a solution to such problems through mutual understanding for the sake of improving trade, transit, and the economy of the region, and not to allow political, economic, trade, and free movement of people to suffer.