Mortar shell claims two lives in Bamyan

BAMYAN (SW) – Local sources in Bamyan say that two people have died and another person has been injured as a result of the explosion of a mortar shell in the district of Yek Av Lang.

A resident of the district, who did not want to be named in the news, told Salam Watandar that the victims of this incident are three young boys who are under 25 years old.

According to this local resident, two of these youths died as a result of the explosion of the mortar head and their bodies were buried, and the third youth was seriously injured and is hospitalized in Bamyan provincial hospital.

However, Abdul Sabour Farzan Sighani, the spokesman of the governor of Bamyan, denies this incident and said the explosion is a rumor.

It should be remembered that the explosions of unexploded ordnance leftovers have claimed multiple lives.