Da Afghanistan Bank receives fresh tranche of $40 million


KABUL (SW) – The central reserve bank, Da Afghanistan Bank has confirmed receiving a fresh consignment of US$40 million.

It announced in a tweet that a cash package of 40 million dollars has arrived in Kabul on Tuesday and has been delivered to one of the commercial banks, following the continuation of the humanitarian aid of donor countries to Afghanistan.

According to reports, so far 18 packages worth 40 million dollars and more than 30 packages worth 32 million dollars have reached Afghanistan.

Based on the Bank’s statistics, the total amount of cash aid from the international community after the domination of Afghanistan by the Islamic Emirate reaches more than one billion and 673 million dollars.

The DAB has said that it appreciates any principled move that brings currency to the country and helps the needy in the society, and continues its efforts to strengthen the banking sector as much as possible.

The Bank, while appreciating the assistance of the international community, has expressed hope that these assistance will be provided through the banking sector.