Floods cause destructions in Panjshir

PANJSHIR (SW) – Flash floods in Panjshir province have caused destructions on a large scale, said officials.

The local officials of Panjsher say that due to the floods losses have been caused to the people.

Director of Panjsher Natural Disasters, Ahmed Zia Yazdani, said that floods have hit two villages of Abshar district in the province.

According to Bakhtar State News Agency, Panjshir Director of Disaster Management said that dozens of acres of agricultural land, water channels, small electrical equipment, roads and subways have been destroyed due to the floods.

This is while the Meteorological Department reported rains and floods for 10 provinces yesterday and today. At the same time, according to some reports, people have suffered financial and personal losses due to the floods in Khost yesterday.

Recently, the rainfall has increased in many provinces of the country, due to which, apart from personal casualties, it has also caused many financial losses to the people.