Border tensions with Iran leaves traders and transporters in Nimroz concerned

NIMROZ (SW) – Tension at the border between Afghanistan and Iran has left traders and transporters in Nimroz concerned. 

Following the tensions between the border guards of Iran and Afghanistan in the border areas of Nimroz Province, the “Silk Bridge” crossing has been closed for more than a week. A number of passengers and drivers say that the prolonged blocking of this road has caused them to suffer.

Shir Ahmad, one of the drivers of the Silk Bridge crossing, said the transit road’s closure has affected their livlihoodd. “We ask the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to follow up on this matter and solve the problem of our drivers.”

Expressing concern, passengers of this route say that they have been waiting for days for the opening of this crossing.

However, Habibullah Elham, head of information and culture of Nimroz, says that they are trying to open this crossing as soon as possible.

The Silk Bridge crossing has been closed to the movement of people and commercial goods as a result of tension and subsequent shooting between Iranian and Afghan border guards. An Iranian border guard and an Afghan child were killed and two children were injured in these clashes.