Minor girl in Faryab reunited with family

MAIMANA (SW) – A young girl has been reunited back with her family in Faryab province after her father ‘sold’ her away owing to crippling poverty.

Last Thursday, Salam Watandar published a report about a 10-year-old girl from Faryabi who was ‘sold’ by her father in the bazaar of Maimana, the capital of the province.

After the report, a generous local woman came for the rescue of the minor girl.

“A helpless old man came to us to sell his daughter, and we bought her for 130,000 afghanis,” said Ghulam Qaharamani, a relative of the family who bought the 10-year-old girl. According to Qaharemani, he wanted to raise this girl and marry her to his son.

Now, the 10-year-old girl has been handed over to her family thanks to the coordination by Salama Watandar and with the financial support of Zarifa Ghaffari, the former mayor of Maidan Shahr.

Assadullah, the father of the 10-year-old girl, said that he had sold his daughter due to financial problems, but now his financial problems have been solved with the help of the well-wishers and he has regained his daughter and will not sell his young daughter again.

However, Damla Abdul Wakil Faryabi, Faryab’s director of labor and social affairs, has said families should be aware of their children and should not sell their children under any circumstances.