Iran offers to assist shipping Indian aid to Afghanistan

MONITORING (SW) – Iran has offered to assist shipping Indian aid of wheat for the people in Afghanistan facing a humanitarian crisis.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry said that in a telephone conversation with Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaishankar. It said that the Foreign Minister Hussain Amir-Abdullahian emphasized the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

The Iranian minister said in the telephonic conversation that Tehran was ready to cooperate with New Delhi in the delivery of Indian humanitarian aid, including wheat and medical supplies.

India, meanwhile, has announced that it is continuing talks with Pakistani officials on the transfer of 50,000 tons of donated wheat to Afghanistan.

Pakistan had previously agreed to conditionally transfer the aid via its territory. Pakistan’s condition was to transport 50,000 tons of wheat by Afghan trucks. It had said it would not allow Indian trucks to transport it.

The Islamic Emirate has also asked Pakistan to allow the transfer of 50,000 tons of India aid to Afghanistan, but talks between India and Pakistan appear to have been fruitless.

It is very likely that 50,000 tons of wheat and other Indian humanitarian aid will be transported to Afghanistan through the port of Chabahar, India.