KABUL (SW) – The uncertain times amid raging war and poverty have forced many Afghan youngster to flee for better life in the neighboring countries or Europe.

Afghanistan remains a developing country, but the war, insecurity and poor economic situation in this country have caused many of its citizens to migrate to neighboring countries and European countries irregularly despite the grim risks to their life.

Most Afghan citizens, especially young people living in remote or Taliban-held areas, are migrating irregularly.

Amanullah is one such citizen of the Balkh province.

Two years ago, due to the war and the loss of his home, he embarked on an irregular migration route, first to Iran and then to Turkey. Amanullah eventually got a job in Turkey after going through all the problems and worked for six months, but was arrested by the Turkish police due to lack of legal documents.

“I had left Afghanistan because of the war,” he said. “A mortar shell hit our house during clashes between the Taliban and the security forces, then we moved from there, got a passport and went to Iran. After Iran, I went to Turkey with the help of human smugglers, worked there for six months, and then I was deported back to Kabul”, he said.

The young Balkh resident further said that he and some of his companions escaped attempts on their lives by the border guards, but many got hit by the bullets fired at them.

“The Turkish police have been firing live ammunition at the migrants on their borders,” he said while sharing details of the mistreatment and violence Afghan migrants face by the hands of the Iranian and the Turkish border guards.

Mohammad Nazar, another Afghan migrant who worked in Iran for two years despite all the problems, was eventually arrested by Iranian police and deported due to lack of legal documents. He too cited poverty and unemployment as the reasons for his migration.

However, Sayed Massoud Qaderi, the head of Balkh’s Migrants and Returnees department, said the agency has been working with aid agencies to help cross-border migrants, as well as provide employment opportunities for them.

The head of the Balkh Refugees and Returnees department added that the Afghan refugees who face problems in neighboring and European countries can go to Afghan embassies and consulates to have their problems addressed.

Afghanistan has been faced with the dilemma of the irregular migration of thousands of its citizens on a daily basis. More and more of the Afghan citizens are blaming insecurity, poverty and unemployment for leaving the country, and the recent uncertainty over peace talks and the possibility of a resumption of hostilities in Afghanistan has further fueled the process of migration.


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