International convention would be respected once UN recognizes Islamic Emirate, says Mujahid

KABUL (SW) – The spokesperson for the de-facto government, Zabihullah Mujahid stated upon returning from the third Doha Summit that the Islamic Emirate will commit to international conventions and agreements once recognized by the United Nations.

In a press conference on Wednesday, He said, “We adhere to international conventions and agreements once the Islamic Emirate comes under the framework of the United Nations. Secondly, we remain bound to international agreements as long as they do not conflict with Islamic Sharia law and Afghanistan’s national interests.”

Rosemary DiCarlo, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations hosting the third Doha meeting, stated that according to international agreements and conventions on human rights, which Afghanistan has previously accepted, the issue of girls’ education in this country is not merely a domestic matter. “The Islamic Emirate must be accountable on this issue.”

Regarding international interventions on human rights issues, Mujahid criticized countries using human rights as a pressure tool against the Islamic Emirate, saying, “We emphasize that the world should not interfere in our internal affairs. If interference persists, it compels us to stand against it, as today’s excuse could lead to tomorrow and the day after.”

Reflecting on the outcomes of the Doha Summit, Mujahid highlighted that participating countries have acknowledged the realities and progress in Afghanistan positively. “Security, stability, the government’s ability to meet public expenditures, developmental project alignment, and preserving national unity were topics accepted and welcomed in their speeches,” he added.

Mujahid further noted that on the sidelines of this round of talks on Afghanistan in Doha, he held 24 meetings with representatives from various countries, which were productive for the country.

The third Doha Conference, held in Qatar on Monday and Tuesday with the presence of representatives from 25 countries and five international organizations, concluded after two days of deliberation without a certain decision on Afghanistan’s future.