UN warns of Afghanistan on brink of climatic catastrophe

KABUL (SW) – The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Afghanistan has declared that Afghanistan stands on the brink of a climatic catastrophe, with climate change, particularly drought, threatening the survival and well-being of millions of citizens in the country.

On occasion of World Earth Day, on Tuesday, April 22, the organization stated in a report that 79% of households in Afghanistan lack access to clean drinking water.

A part of the report reads: “Drought conditions have worsened with climate change; we must now take action to support the resilience and adaptation of the Afghan people to climate change. Afghans are more vulnerable to climate change.”

According to the UNDP report in Afghanistan, the lives of over 80% of Afghan citizens are dependent on natural resources.

On the other hand, some environmental experts argue that to reduce Afghanistan’s vulnerability to climate change, the Islamic Emirate and international organizations must take practical and serious steps.

Najibullah Sadid, an environmental expert, says: “To solve this problem, the Afghan government must first undertake long-term plans to minimize the damages; Afghanistan cannot bear the cost alone and global organizations must collaborate.”

Since 2021, Afghanistan has experienced the highest displacement due to climate change. According to the UNDP report in Afghanistan, 2.3 million citizens of this country have been forced to leave their primary places of residence due to drought.