Patients struggle amid bed shortage at Baghlan public hospital

POL-E-KHOMRI CITY (SW) – A number of patients’ companions in the public hospital of Baghlan province located in the north of Afghanistan, complain about the lack of health services, saying that they face problems due to a shortage of beds in this hospital.

Ghulam Rasul, whose child suffers from a severe respiratory disease, says that due to a lack of beds, he was not admitted to the hospital. Doctors say that there is no place to admit your sin

“Doctors say that there is no place to admit him. I demand the officials especially the governor to promote the bed numbers and address our problems.”

Mohammad Rasul, another patient’s companion, also says: “The situation is getting worse, which we take our patients on our back and transfer them home. Patients’ companions sleep on the floor at night. These problems must be addressed and beds should be provided.

These patients claim that they are sometimes asked for money to perform medical tests.

However, the officials in Baghlan Provincial Hospital reject the issue of asking for money from the patients and lack of health services, saying that the process of providing medical services has faced a problem due to the interruption of aid from international aid agencies to this hospital.

Shah Wali Ahmadzai, director of Baghlan Provincial Hospital, says: “In the past, the provincial hospital was funded by the Red Cross; it has been four months since they left the hospital. Now we only have rice for patients, and if someone claims that it has been cut off, we deny it; that is not true.”

Officials at Baghlan Provincial Hospital add that the work on establishing another hospital in this province is ongoing, and with the completion of it, the problems of the patients will be solved.