World Bank plans meeting on Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – Feridun Sinirlioglu, the United Nations Special Coordinator for Afghanistan, in the meeting with Mohammad Abdul Kabir, Acting Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs of the IE, said that the World Bank would soon organize a meeting on Afghanistan.

The World Bank had been one of the major financial institutions for development and infrastructure projects in Afghanistan for at least the last two decades, but this big institution has suspended its aid for the implementation of development projects in Afghanistan after August 2021.

The main themes of the upcoming meeting, will include discussions on the conclusion of global sanctions, the restart of partially completed World Bank projects, and the strengthening of Afghanistan’s banking system, stated the Presidential Palace (Arg) on the social media platform X.

The details regarding the timing and place for the upcoming meeting are still uncertain.

The statement quoted Feridun Sinirlioglu, adding: “The World Bank is having a meeting in the near future regarding Afghanistan, where there will be a discussion and exchange of views on the growth of the Afghan banking sector, the end of sanctions and the resumption of half-finished projects of the World Bank in Afghanistan.”

Officials from the Ministry of Economy, while welcoming this action of the World Bank, says that the lifting of economic sanctions and the resumption of half-finished projects of the World Bank in Afghanistan can help the country get out of economic challenges.

Abdulrahman Habib, the spokesperson for the ministry, says: “The World Bank can play an important role in improving the country’s economic situation.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Nasir Rashtia, an expert on economic issues, emphasizes the importance of restarting World Bank projects in Afghanistan.

He notes that the resumption of these projects, which previously included 7,500 initiatives and employed 100,000 people, is a positive development.