Most Afghans suffer from various diseases due to food insecurity

KABUL (SW) – Consumption of low-quality foods causes most Afghan citizens to suffer from various diseases.

At least four million people in Afghanistan are grappling with the malnutrition due to a lack of food security, which has been a serious challenge in the country for years.

Abdul Bari Omar, head of Afghanistan’s National Food and Drugs Administration (AFDA), says, “In Afghanistan, three million children and one million women suffer from malnutrition. One of the main causes for it is food insecurity in Afghanistan.”

Officials at the AFDA add that six laboratories have been built by this administration to register healthy foods, which soon will be put into operation in Kabul and other provinces.

Fahim Mansour, head of the Quality Assurance Department of the AFDA, says, “People should pay attention to the date of what they buy from the shops, also, the appearance of low-quality foods changes.”

Earlier, the United Nations World Food Program stated that Afghanistan is the eighth country in the world in terms of food security.