China urges the Islamic Emirate to address international concerns for recognition

KBAUL (SW) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has recently said that the de-facto government of the Islamic Emirate needs to make political reforms, ensure security and improve relations with its neighbors to gain recognition and access to the international community, and must address international concerns.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin, said in a press conference: “We hope that the Taliban [Islamic Emirate] will respond more to the expectations of the international community, create an open and inclusive political structure, and adopt moderate and cautious domestic and foreign policies.”

He has emphasized that China, as a neighbor of Afghanistan, does not want this country to stay away from the international community. Although the Islamic Emirate has not responded so far, officials already said that they have fulfilled all the prerequisites of the world.

On the other hand, a number of analysts say that China’s comments show the power of this country against Western countries and the efforts to accept the Islamic Emirate from South Asian countries.

Mohammad-Baqer Joya, says: “China’s request means that if we open the gate for recognizing the Islamic Emirate we should not be questioned by our political rivals in the future; in order not to be, China has asked the Islamic Emirate to make changes as a preliminary measure.”

Abdul-Jabbar Akbari, another international relations expert, also says: “China is one of the countries that has consistently had good relations with the Islamic Emirate. Therefore the Islamic Emirate should try to respect some international rules to gain political legitimacy, until the concerns and doubts of the countries are resolved.”

After the Islamic Emirate came to power, China, as one of the great world powers, has extensive relations with Afghanistan and has accepted its ambassador.