52% visual media houses have ceased operations

KABUL (SW) – On World Television Day, the independent media support organisation NAI has said in a statement that in the last two years, 52% of Afghanistan’s visual media houses have ceased to operate.

It said that this year, World Television Day has been marked as the country no longer has more than half of the previous visual media houses. “Television, as a visual medium, has played a valuable role in the last two decades in the direction of freedom of expression, informing and enlightening public minds.”

Nai has stated that the work situation of the media, especially the visual media in Afghanistan, is not satisfactory at all. It has requested support from the national and international media support organizations in solving the existing problem.

It also asked the authorities to reconsider the support of the media regarding taxes and financial guarantees to the media so that the existing media in Afghanistan is not abolished altogether.

Nai has also asked the officials of the independent media in Afghanistan, especially televisions, to “pursue their activities based on the principle of neutrality and independence so that the mentioned values remain alive.”

It has added that the polls of this organization show that out of 147 televisions in Afghanistan, 77 televisions have stopped broadcasting due to economic problems.