Debate about Afghanistan without its representation dubbed fruitless

KABUL (SW) – Any debate about Afghanistan without the representation of the Islamic Emirate would yield no positive results, said an official on Tuesday.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, in response to the beginning of the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations, which is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in New York, said that any discussion about Afghanistan that will be discussed in this assembly requires the presence of a representative from Afghanistan.

The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, in an interview with Salam Watandar, said: “It is very important that in the meetings and forums that are held, if Afghanistan is discussed, Afghanistan is not present there, its decisions will not reach anywhere, and when Afghanistan is not represented, discussions are fruitless.”

The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate has asked the United Nations once again to hand over the seat of Afghanistan’s permanent representative in this organization to the Islamic Emirate. This request has not been accepted by the United Nations.

However, Wali Forozan, an expert on international relations, believes that the absence of Afghanistan will increase the isolation of the country and will make it difficult to find a solution to end the Afghan crisis.

He added: “Unfortunately, this situation is detrimental to Afghanistan because Afghanistan is one of the countries that is a member of the United Nations, but now it is in a situation that is not recognized by the world and finally has no place in the United Nations.”

It should be mentioned that from today, the leaders of 150 member countries of the United Nations have attended the 78th General Assembly of this organization in New York and are speaking and discussing important global issues. It is said that the situation in Afghanistan, along with the war in Ukraine and climate change in the world, will be one of the agendas of this round of the United Nations General Assembly.