IFRC renews call for aid to Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has renewed call for urgent and comprehensive aid to avert humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

At the joint meeting of Turkey, Qatar, Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the Matiullah Khalis, the head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, asked for an increase in the international community’s aid to Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, the representatives of the participating countries in the meeting about the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan held in Istanbul, Turkey, also promised the people of Afghanistan more cooperation and said that they would draw the attention of the international community to help the needy in Afghanistan.
Irfanullah Sharafzoi, the spokesperson of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, says in this regard: “Maulvi Matiullah Khalis, the general director of the Afghan Red Crescent Society and his accompanying delegation participated in this meeting and discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, humanitarian activities and aid collection, and all participating countries promised to cooperate with Afghanistan in this meeting.”
Mr. Sharafzoi told Salam Watandar about the demands raised by the Afghan Red Crescent Society in this meeting: “In this meeting, there were talks about children with heart holes, helping the needy, helping widowed and orphaned families, treating and supporting the mentally ill, and increasing the number of volunteers.”
On the other hand, some experts on economic issues consider holding such meetings important for Afghanistan and say that without holding such meetings, economic and political knots will not be opened in Afghanistan.
Taj Mohammad Tehleh, an expert on economic issues, told Salam Watandar about this: “These visits will create new economic cooperation fields in the new definitions of the new framework, and it will make international institutions such as the Red Cross, UNESCO and others to ensure economic interaction defined by the Islamic Emirate with Afghanistan.”
In this meeting, the IFRC Director Alexander Mathew , emphasized the support of national communities to cooperate with the Afghan Red Crescent in the field of humanitarian aid funding to Afghanistan.