Exchange of old banknotes begins

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KABUL (SW) – The process of exchanging old 10 and 20 afghani banknotes has begun in Herat, confirmed officials.

The local officials of Herat say that people who have 10 and 20 afghani banknotes can change their old banknotes by visiting Kabul Bank branches.

Nisar Ahmad Elias, the spokesperson of Herat governor, told Salam Watandar that this work has been done following many complaints from the residents of this province about the presence of old banknotes in the city. Mr. Elias added that the residents of Herat can exchange old banknotes with new ones without paying a fee.

At the same time, the residents of Herat welcomed this action of the Islamic Emirate and said that worn out banknotes caused them many problems in buying and selling goods.

At the same time, the central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank has mentioned the characteristics of old banknotes that could be exchanged with the new ones.