Viral disease claims two lives in Zabul


QALAT (SW) – An unknown viral disease has claimed at least two lives and left dozens of others infected in Zabul province, confirmed officials. 

Officials of the Public Health Department of Zabul say that as a result of the spread of an unknown disease in Shahjoy district of this province, two people have died and 80 others have been infected.

According to the officials, this disease has spread in “Fatuzou” area of Shahjoy district and so far two children have lost their lives as a result of it.

Meanwhile. Abdul Hakim Hakimi, the head of public health in Zabul, told Salam Watandar that this disease is similar to whooping cough, and blood comes from the mouth and nose of infected patients, and the patients have a high fever.

According to him, health teams have gone to the region to prevent the spread of this disease and so far dozens of patients have been treated.

The director of public health of Zabul has asked people to inform the directorate of public health if they observe the symptoms of this disease.

Earlier, a number of similar reports of other viral diseases were reported from the same province.