Analysts criticize international community for not pushing for inclusive government in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – For more than a year, in many regional and international meetings, the need to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan has been emphasized but until now, the international community has not provided a clear version of the nature and structure of this type of government in Afghanistan.

The participants in the Moscow format meeting on Afghanistan, which was held yesterday in Moscow city, once again emphasized the establishment of inclusive governance in Afghanistan.

Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan, said in this meeting that the Islamic Emirate has not fulfilled its commitment to form an all-inclusive government.

The representative from Afghanistan was not invited to this meeting.

A number of experts in political issues, criticizing the demand regarding the nature of inclusive governance in Afghanistan, say that the international community is not honest in order to establish stability in Afghanistan.

Homayoun Khairi, an analyst suggested that the world should seek the inclusiveness of the government. “When it is said that the government is inclusive, this can also exist within the government of the Islamic Emirate. As the Islamic Emirate currently claims that it is inclusive from an ethnic point of view, but this does not solve the problem. The problem of Afghanistan must be resolved with the participation of the nations in a real way and by a system.”

A number of other political experts believe that the future government of Afghanistan should be determined based on everyone’s will. But at the same time, they point out that in the absence of real popular movement, it is difficult to form a popular government in the country.

Mirwais Ashfete, another expert on political issues, said the green light of the Islamic Emirate was given to the figures of the previous government and they were welcomed at the Kabul airport. “The main effort should be that this time the Afghan nation will be present to determine its own destiny”.

However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement today saying that the Islamic Emirate welcomes regional mechanisms regarding Afghanistan and considers the emphasis on a peaceful, united, independent, neutral and economically advanced Afghanistan in the Moscow meeting to be a commendable position. »