Kabul residents say no respite from terrorist attacks

KABUL (SW) – In the wake of spike in terrorist attacks, Kabul residents say the claims about peace in the country are baseless.

Last week, an explosion in a religious school in Kabul killed Rahimullah Haqqani, one of the senior members of the Islamic Emirate.

And then, last evening, an explosion occurred in the “Sadiqiya” mosque in the Khairkhane area of Kabul city. This explosion has killed and wounded four relatives of Mohaballah among many others.

In an interview with Salam Watandar, Mohibullah said that his nephew was killed in this incident and his uncle, cousin and brother were also seriously injured.

“One of the wounded yesterday is my brother, one is my nephew, one is my cousin, and the other is my uncle’s son. When they brought them to the hospital, unfortunately, my nephew was martyred and we still don’t know anything about my brother and cousin, they just tell us that they are in the emergency department.”

However, a number of eyewitnesses told Salam Watandar that Maulvi Amir Mohammad Kabuli, religious scholar and preacher of this mosque, along with a number of his students, are among those killed in this explosion.

The witnesses added that this explosion happened last night during prayers. They say that they have not seen peace in the previous government or the current system and they have always paid sacrifices in this way. The witnesses want the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to the security of the people so that the people do not become victims of such events.

Naqibullah, one of the eyewitnesses, says: “We were not safe in any situation if it was the republic or emirate system. We request that they make peace, that people can live their lives.”

At the same time, Khalid Zadran, the spokesman of the Kabul Security Command, told Salam Watandar that 21 people were killed and 33 others were injured as a result of this explosion.

The spokesman of the Kabul Security Command added that the security forces of the Islamic Emirate are trying to identify the perpetrators of this “great crime” as soon as possible and bring them to the law.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, strongly condemned this explosion. He said that “killers of civilians and perpetrators of such crimes will be arrested soon and will be punished for their actions.”

Hamid Karzai, the former president, and Abdullah Abdullah, the former head of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council in the previous government, have also reacted to this explosion and condemned it.