31 lives lost to flash floods in Parwan


CHARIKAR (SW) – At least 31 people lost their lives and 17 more got injured as flash floods devastated Parwan province, said officials. 

Bakhtar State News Agency, quoting the local officials of Parwan, reported that the deadly flood in parts of Siahgard and Shinwari districts of this province has killed at least 31 people and left 17 injured.

According to Bakhtar report, dozens of other people have gone missing after the flood in Parwan. Bakhtar wrote that the death toll may increase. This deadly flood has occurred in the mentioned districts after dawn on Sunday.

Hundreds of residential houses and thousands of acres of agricultural land have also been destroyed as a result of this flood.

Shams-ul-Haq Siddiqui, head of information and culture in Parwan, said that in Siahgerd district, many residential houses were destroyed and only one village in “Tikmar” area with 30 houses was completely flooded.

It should be noted that the Parwan-Bamian public road is also closed to traffic as a result of this flood.

A day earlier, a number of other provinces witnessed heavy rains and floods.

The Meteorological Department has warned that there is a possibility of heavy rain with flash floods in 22 provinces of the country.