Report on ‘ties’ between al-Qaeda, the Islamic Emirate worrisome, experts

KABUL (SW) – Anylsts believe reports about ties between al-Qaeda and the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan are worrisome for the future of the country.

The UN said in a recent report that al-Qaeda has ties with the Islamic Emirate and its members operate freely in Afghanistan.

The report said that with the rise to power of the Islamic Emirate, al-Qaeda’s financial resources have expanded and the Emirate has strengthened its control over Afghanistan with 41 members on the UN sanctions list serving in the cabinet and other high-ranking positions.

It said the al-Qaeda leader has renewed allegiance to Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, the leader of the Islamic Emirate.

The UN report expressed concern that there has been an increase in the number of Daesh detainees released from prison that has increased their presence in Afghanistan; But this group will not be able to carry out operations until 2023.

Meanwhile, a number of political analysts say that all groups, including al-Qaeda and Daesh, have ties to the United States and its allies, and act on their orders and are funded by them. They added that reports from the United Nations on al-Qaeda and the Daesh were being circulated at the request of the US for a specific purpose.

According to experts, by spreading such reports, the United States wants to threaten the Islamic Emirate in order to accept its demands.

Abdul Wahed Taqat, a political analyst, says the release of such reports seeks to pave the way for intervention and a return to Afghanistan, which poses a serious threat to the country.

“Thousands of Americans may come to Afghanistan and relocate to their former bases without us noticing,” he said. “Because we do not have radar and other equipment.”

Mirbat Khan Mangal, another political analyst, says the United States and its allies support terrorist groups and want to carry out their goals, legitimize their intelligence activities and make their demands known to the Islamic Emirate.

“This is a warning to the Islamic Emirate that if they do not accept, they will target their remaining equipment. This is not far from the truth and they plan from time to time. They announce the plans and the risks, and they have a procedure for the legitimacy of their future action, and they proceed accordingly.”

The Islamic Emirate has not said anything about this so far, and we did not succeed in getting the views of the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate. On the other hand, Hekmatullah Hekmat, an expert on political and security issues, says that the Islamic Emirate must take action, otherwise such reports will have dangerous consequences.

He added that the United Nations had released a report on the relationship between al-Qaeda and the Islamic Emirate without any proof.