Analysts see the US, Allies responsible for the crisis in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – Analysts see the US and Allies responsible for the uncertainty and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Top US intelligence officials have recently confirmed at a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee that their judgment on the continuation of the Afghan and Ukrainian governments will continue.

The officials said they believed the US-backed Afghan government could resist, but some analysts said the United States and its allies were responsible for the situation in Afghanistan and were trying to justify it.

Analysts Javed Momand told Salam Watandar that the United States has a strong security and intelligence strategy in all areas and its intelligence network is strong and cannot make the big mistake of saying that its information was incorrect.

According to him, the United States wants to cover up its defeat with such statements and justify its re-establishment of an intelligence presence in Afghanistan.

“The United States and the (outer) world are responsible for the tragedy that befell Afghanistan,” he said. “They failed to achieve the goals they were supposed to achieve. Now they are trying to justify it. ”

Matiullah Kharoti, another political analyst, said that in addition to the United States, former Afghan officials were also the main culprits in the ongoing misery and uncertain fate in Afghanistan.
He added that the leaders of the previous government did not agree on the division of power and other issues and would give false reports against each other to the United States and the rest of the world that they too were involved in the misery of Afghans.

Hekmatullah Hekmat, a political and security expert, told Salam Watandar that the US judgment on Afghanistan was not true or based on facts. He said US intelligence on Afghanistan was also inaccurate and it decided to withdraw without consulting Afghans.

Hekmat added that recent remarks by US intelligence officials showed that they had problems and needed to be addressed. He also stressed that the United States is looking for a way to re-establish itself in Afghanistan.