Over 5 million IDPs faced with harsh winter, drought

MONITORING (SW) – The International Organization for Migration has said the recent security developments, persistent droughts and the pandemic have added to the untold suffering of Afghanistan where over 5 million people are already internally displaced.

It said in a statement that decades of instability and conflict have tested the resilience and strength of millions of Afghans. Almost half of Afghanistan’s population is reliant on emergency relief assistance, with needs continuing to rise.

The IOM said it was committed to stay in the country, and deliver relief and assistance to mobile and displaced populations in Afghanistan. IOM supports vulnerable communities by providing emergency shelters, core relief items, emergency health services and protection assistance.

Meanwhile, a number of internally displaced persons who have been displaced by drought from their main areas of life say they have not yet received humanitarian aid despite the cold season.

“We have nothing with us, we have no wheat or oil,” said Zahra, an IDP. “Our house has no gate. We have no boots and nothing to burn for heating.”

“No one has helped us,” said Dur Mohammad, another IDP. “Our living conditions are very bad, I have just sold my children.”

We also wanted to have the views of the officials of the Ministry of Immigration and Repatriation in the report, but the officials of this ministry did not answer our calls.

According to the latest report by the International Organization for Migration, in 2021, some 670,000 people were displaced by war and drought.