Taliban disperse protest march in Parwan

CHARIKAR (SW) – Dozens of civil society activists in Parwan province rallied around on Wednesday to protest what they believe is Pakistan’s involvement during the fighting in Panjshir.

Protesters carried banners with anti-Pakistani slogans. The protest march started from the courtyard of Eidgah Mosque in Charikar city to the crossroads of the governor’s compound.

However, the Taliban forces prevented them from continuing the march onwards.

Taliban forces first seized the cameras and equipment of two Salam Watandar and Tolo News reporters and prevented them from covering the rally. Subsequently, more Taliban vehicles and forces arrived in the area and fired shots into the air to disperse the protesters.

They only returned the equipment of Salam Watandar reporter Parvez Aminzada after half-an-hour of integration.

However, according to some protesters, the Taliban have taken some of the protesters with them.

We also wanted to include the views of Taliban officials in Parwan in the report, but to no avail.