US condemns killing of Afghan commandos by Taliban in Faryab

MONITORING (SW) – The US has condemned the Taliban’s killing of 22 members of the Afghan Commando units in Faryab province as reported by the CNN.

The Departmetn of State spokesman Ned Price said on Wednesday that there was no reason for the US to doubt this video depicting horrifying scenes.

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Austin calls for pressure to force deal between Kabul, Taliban 

“We have been very clear about this, that we continue to believe the Islamic Republic – that is to say, the Afghan Government continues to believe that diplomacy is the only durable and just way to reach a political settlement here”, he said.

Referring to the ongoing intra-Afghan peace talks in Doha, he said the US continue to believe that this diplomatic path is the most effective, and certainly the best path to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan.

“Again, we intend to maintain a partnership with the Afghan Government, with the people of Afghanistan. It’s certainly our intent to maintain a diplomatic presence so we can carry out that partnership. And beyond that, we will remain focused, just as this administration has since the earliest days, on the diplomatic process that currently is ongoing in Doha right now”, he said.