Over 3,000 Afghan nationals repatriate from Iran, Pakistan amid escalating pressures

KABUL (SW) – In the past day, a total of 3,255 Afghan citizens have returned forcibly and voluntarily from Iran and Pakistan.

On Wednesday, through a statement on its official X account, the Ministry of Repatriations and Refugees (MoRR) announced that 2,347 Afghan citizens returned from Iran through via the “Silk Bridge” route in Nimruz province.

Another 908 individuals returned from Pakistan through the Spin Buldak and Torkham border crossings, according to the ministry.

Furthermore, the ministry reported that 13 Afghan citizens who were imprisoned in Pakistan have been released and returned to Afghanistan with the assistance of Interpol. This occurred on Tuesday.

According to the latest statistics provided by MoRR, approximately 115,000 Afghan citizens have returned from Iran and Pakistan in the past month.

several of the Afghan nationals residing in Iran and Pakistan lately reported to Salam Watandar that following increased incidents of detention, harassment, and expulsion of Afghan migrants from these countries, pressures have intensified.

Living in fear of daily detention and expulsion, These Afghan migrants mention they are struggling to make ends meet.