Ulema council calls for promoting modern education

KABUL (SW) – Officials at the Afghan Ulema Council, on Tuesday, during a ceremony for the graduation of 45 students from Quran and Hadith memorization courses held in Kabul, stated that modern science education in the country has declined in quality.

Zaher Khan Khadem, the deputy of the Afghan Ulema Council, urged students and teachers to strive for the improvement of modern sciences in the country.

He said: “The level of modern science education has decreased, and the reason is that no one has worked hard for it to improve. Afghanistan is lagging behind, and unmanned aerial vehicles roam over its skies; these are taken to the space from the ground with the help of science, and this cannot be done by religious scholars alone.”

Meanwhile, officials at the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Emirate also emphasized the importance of learning modern sciences in the country and stated that the promotion of modern sciences in the country is a necessity. Shah Mohammad, an advisor to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, said that the Islamic Emirate strives for the promotion of modern sciences in the country.

He adds: “A stable system can be established through the expansion of sciences, and religious sciences are obligatory, but modern sciences are also a necessity, and God willing, the day will come when, due to the learning of sciences from others, we won’t borrow anything from others, and the Islamic Emirate supports the expansion of modern sciences.”

However, officials further stated in this ceremony that there is no distinction between religious and modern sciences in the Islamic system, and the Islamic Emirate strives for the promotion of both sciences in the country.